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Mission Statement

To Promote more Equal, Fair, Prosperous and Sustainable Societies through dynamic International development activities.

Why Choose Aequalis?

10+ Years of Experience

For over a decade members of our team have delivered on over $5,000,000 of Research Grants, focused on Social and Educational Integration, Audience Analysis, Social Sciences, Statistical Analysis & The UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

A Proven Track Record

Our team has an exceptional track record of winning high profile research grants. In 2019 the now management of Aequalis was the first ever Middle East recipient of the ‘EU Courses on Law’ grant from the European Union.

We Only Hire the Best

Our team of Advisors, Consultants, Contractors and Experts are at the very top of their respective fields and are second to none. We understand that employing and working with the very best talent is essential to producing highly effective, dynamic, game changing 


Our Strengths

Experts in Academic Research

Working with Local Experts for more accurate Results

Industry Leading Board of Advisors

Based Between

London & Washington DC

Law & Media Specialists

Constantly Evolving

Aequalis / Equal

Every Human Is Born Equal.

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