What We Do

Aequalis, from the Latin meaning Equal and a concept in legal terminology is more than just our name- it’s at the very heart of our cause. Our organization seeks to facilitate more equal, sustainable, equitable and prosperous societies through dynamic and effective international development activities. We seek to continually deliver innovative, results-driven research and capacity-building, as well as performing advisory and development activities with a special focus on law, all working to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Development-Driven Social Research

In an increasingly globalised world, where nations’ demographics are rapidly changing, 

the world finds itself faced with new and increased socio-economic challenges.


Aequelis Research enables Governments

and Corporations to gain comprehensive 

non-partisan, insight & analysis into communities for the benefit of further cooperation & integration.

Couples Therapy
Political Conference

Capacity Building

Quantitive & Statistical Analysis

Analyzing Data
Financial Advisor

Social Science Policy Advisory

Policy Advisory is a key element to our strategy and essential to our mission of affecting real world change.


After the collected data has been analysed we work with beneficiaries to recommend policy based upon our findings.

Innovative Publishing & Outreach

Man in Library